Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Press 'n Squat (while on a fast)

I headed to the weight room for the first time in ages. I took it pretty easy:

15 @ 55lbs
6 @ 65lbs
3 @ 65lbs

15 @ 135lbs
8 @ 175

Notes: It has been several weeks since I did any weight lifting. The last two time I had attempted it, I suffered from dizziness after doing one set of squats. I believe the problem at that time was that my blood pressure medication was working TOO well, and that my BP was very low. I've since changed medication so I was curious to see if it would make a difference today. But I also didn't want to hurt myself after such a long layoff, so I took it easy.

Press: That first set did a good job of getting my muscles was pretty tough after that. It didn't help that I had done those pushups this morning as well.

Squat: I felt pretty good and did all of these with decent form. I was going to add another 20lbs and do four more reps, but I could already feel the effort in my legs--the hamstrings in particular. I decided to pass on the last set.

Warm-up: We have two brand new Concept2 Model E rowing machins with the PM-4 computer. Pretty slick. I did a 15 minutes warm up on one. One of these would make a fine addition to a home gym.

One more note: I did this 14 hours into an intermittant fast (IF) that won't end until I get home today around 3:30. I hadn't done one in awhile, which really stretches the term "intermittant." Scott Kustes of Modern Forager fame has been writing a series of posts on the benefits of IF, and it's something I was doing at least once a week. I got to make it part of my program once again.

Life is a big "to do" list and sometimes I just forget the check marks!

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