Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lazy Weekend, 100 Pushups, Winning Racquetball

I spent most of the weekend vegged out in front of the tube watching the Olympics. I was planning on playing some golf Saturday morning but decided to take the sleep-in after staying up late. It felt funny coming home yesterday and not tuning in the "Tiki and Jenna" show on MSNBC. There were some pretty amazing performances, especially Phelps in the pool and Bolt on the track.

Monday morning I did my push-up routine--still following the Week 2, Day 1 prescription. I was able to do the first four levels as prescribed (15, 12,12, 10) although there were some extended breaks between some of them. My phone rang right as I completed the first one so it was probably five minutes before I did the second set. But that's o.k.--it's still progress. I did a fifth set and make it to six. I'll finish out the week doing the same level, and then jump to the next (where it will be 20,15,15,13). Slowly but surely!!

Ron was back so I was able to get in some racquetball at lunch. Something rather incredible happened. Normally I measure the elapsed time between wins against Ron in either months or weeks. Yesterday it was around two minutes. We played three and I won the last two. The normal disclaimers about playing Ron apply, but it was fun nonetheless!!

I got back on the bike yesterday after a week layoff because of the weather. It was a really pleasant ride in--nice and cool. But the head wind was tough on the way home. I just kept it in a small gear and spun my way to the house. I'd sure like to get some tri-bars installed on this thing. Maybe next month.

Nothing today except for the bike commute.

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