Monday, September 1, 2008

Watching Gustav and 100 Pushups

Labor Day! The holiday perfect for getting in 18 holes on the golf course, or grilling up some ribeyes in the back yard. But I did neither. Instead I had CNN and The Weather Channel in split screen on the 56" JVC, and WDSU and WWL (New Orleans locals)streaming on the laptop. I was born and raised in New Orleans and I've always had a fascination with hurricanes after experiencing Betsy in '65. Of course I was glued to the set during Katrina. For two years our family lived in a duplex on Bellaire Dr. Check that out in Google Earth and you'll see that the 17th Street Canal was my backyard! It was only an earthen levee when we lived there. The breech was about five blocks from where we lived. Most of my years were spent in a house a half block off Canal St on the cemetery end (S. St. Patrick St.) That house didn't get totaled like the Bellaire Drive house, but it still sat in 5-6 feet of water. Sooooo, I was glad to see that New Awlins came through this one in pretty decent shape.

I did take time out form the Gustav watch to do my pushups. I decided to move up to the next day on the schedule that calls for doing levles of 16, 14, 14, and 12. I did the 16 with good form but I could only manage 13, 13, and 8 after that. Looks like I'll be on this one for awhile.

The bike ride home tomorrow should be fun. The forecast high for tomorrow is 100F!

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