Thursday, September 4, 2008

100 Degrees, 100 Pushups, and Tabata

As I said in my last post, we were expecting a hot day on Tuesday and we got it. The afternoon high was 100 degrees just as the weatherman predicted. I did get lucky, however, as one lone cloud blocked the sun for at least part of my ride home. I played racquetball with Ron at lunch and played pretty well despite losing all three games. I've been noticing lately that I not wasted after three pretty hard games like I used to be. The limiting factor is time rather than endurance. Perhaps the title of my blog is coming true! :-)

Wednesday was a down day of sorts. I did the bike commute but I had to work through my lunch break. This morning I did my pushup routine attempting the same workout as Monday. Progress!! I was able to do the first three levels as RXd (16, 14, 14) but only managed 10 out of 12 for the last set. I think I'm going to stick with the one-on/two-off pattern. Most of what I've been reading lately says that a couple of hard session a week for a particular muscle group is the way to go. So I'm going to stay with this and see how I progress.

Since I have no racquetball partners the rest of the week, I headed to the gym today and hopped on the C2 rower for a little tabata. They have brand new rowers with the PM-4 computers that let me program the eight intervals of 20 seconds work with 10 seconds rest. I haven't done any of that in quite a while since I use racquetball as my high-intensity workout. Good workout!!

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