Monday, September 15, 2008

A Storm of Shakespearean Proportions for Corpus

That is to say that locally, Ike turned out to be "Much Ado About Nothing." But although we didn't even get any wind or rain out of it, it was a fairly disruptive force in my life. Early in the week, almost all of the computer models showed Corpus Christi taking a direct hit. I have two sons and four grandchildren living in town so I was worrying over making evacuation plans. Trying to figure out where to go, and how I was going to pay for it, was pretty damn stressful. I spent most of my time at work surfing weather sites so my production was practically nil. One of my normal reactions to stress it to EAT so my adherence to the Primal Blueprint was trashed. I probably ate a gallon of ice cream in a week--not to mention a few bowls of Lucky Charms. The only good thing is that I did ride the bike to work three days, and got in two tough racquetball matches. I've completely blown off my pushup routine. But now that things have settled down and are back to normal, I've made a good start towards getting it all back in gear.

I had an unusual commute to work today. Normally the prevailing winds here are from the south, so I usually have a tailwind on the way to work, and a head wind coming home. But the main reason that we were spared the wrath of Ike was the approach of our first cold front of the season--some five to six weeks earlier than normal. So I had to gear down and fight a 20mph headwind to get to work this morning, and then had a really easy ride home.

I really needed an easy ride home today and to explain why requires diving into another subject. I documented earlier on the blog how I had problems with dizziness, which I attributed to some blood pressure medication. I've changed medication, and then changed the dosage but the BP has still been higher than my doctor wants to see. I had an appointment to see him Thursday but it was cancelled because of Ike. It also happens that I ran out of my medication on the same day, so I went back to my original prescription. Things went ok until I played racquetball today. I won the first two games but early in the third game, I started feeling really tired. After the game, I started feeling dizzy and didn't start feeling better until just before it was time to leave. So I'm glad I had that tail wind going home--I don't know how I would have handled fighting a big headwind. I have to call for a new appointment tomorrow; meanwhile, I plan on getting out the pill splitter and halving the dose. The racquetball courts are closing after tomorrow for nine days while the floors get resurfaced so I won't get to test it that way. But I also experienced that dizziness doing squats, and that's one of the things I'll be doing while not hitting the little blue ball.

So now I'm caught up. Gonna do the pushups tomorrow, and NO MORE ICE CREAM!!!

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