Friday, February 29, 2008

The Tale of the Scale

Popped out of bed this morning, changed into my birthday suit, hopped on the scale, and saw:


Looks like I'm down a couple pounds for the week. That was pretty much the norm during my first three months when I went from 242 to 212. The rate of loss came to a screeching halt after my hip injury which curtailed both my racquetball and some rather intense kettlebell training I had been doing. Both of those activities had something in common--they both include interval type training rather than long, sustained efforts. Hopefully now that I'm back to training like this, and I stick to my "Primal Nutrition" style of eating, I will continue to drop the body fat. I do have a challenge in front of me however. I will be at the pool a good part of the weekend officiating a meet. All officials at these type of meets (USA Swimmng age group) are unpaid volunteers. Heck, it's worse than unpaid--we have to pay $55 a year just to belong to USA Swimming. But one thing that meet organizers do well here in Corpus Christi is provide a well-stocked hospitality room. Of course, the definition of "well stocked" is open to interpretation. Often that means a large supply of baked goods, pasta dishes, and other things that don't exactly meet my needs. So sometimes I have to improvise such as picking up a couple of breakfast tacos and scrapping the contents off the tortilla and onto a paper plate. But it's always a struggle because the old sweet tooth is still there (I'm looking for a dentist to extract it). I can only hope they have some fruit!


Aaron said...

Hello Dave!

Great job losing another couple pounds and good luck on your new blog!

Thank you for your continued support of Mark's Daily Apple.

Have a great day!

Aaron, Editor

Dave Clary said...

Thanks for dropping by, Aaron. This gives me an outlet for expression that somewhat makes up for the demise of the MDA Forum! :-)