Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Failed Trial

I've read several times that having a daily glass of red wine, maybe together with a piece of dark chocolate, was actually a fairly healthy indulgence. I put it off thinking it wasn't something I should do while I was still trying to lose weight. But a couple weeks ago I said what the hell and bought a box wine offering of Cabernet Sauvignon. I had one glass late in the evening and had a few smoked almonds to go with it. This past Sunday I bought a container full of bite size pieces of dark chocolate. The first couple days I ate one piece of chocolate. Last night I had two glasses of wine, caught a bit of a buzz, got the munchies, AND WIPED OUT THE CHOCOLATE! So no more chocolate, and with my decreased alcohol tolerance, I am reconsidering this whole wine drinking thing altogether.


Charlotte said...

I realize this is a past post, but it's so pertinent. I recently had a very similar experience. Having read that a little bit of very dark chocolate is an allowable indulgence, I gave it a try. One square per day for a short while, then wham! Ate all of it and other sugars to boot. And now I'm fighting the carb cravings, struggling to get back on track. Lesson: Little bits can lead to a lot

Dave Clary said...

Since I wrote that post, I've assaulted a jar of Hershey's Kisses on a co-worker's desk! I don't think I'll ever completely control the sweet tooth--I just try to limit the damage.