Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Catching Up

Although I've been working out regularly for the last few weeks, I only recently began recording my efforts. So this post will document three previous workouts. As I stated in my introduction post, I have several influences shaping what I do in the gym. In some cases, I'm using a specific workout (heavily scaled down) from the either the Crossfit (CF) or Gym Jones site. Other times I may do something I devise myself, or influenced by Art Devany. All workouts include a warm up. So here goes:

Thursday, Feb 21, 2008

Hierarchal Squat Set

Hierarchal Deadlift Set

These are the type of sets prescribed by Art Devany. The idea is to decrease reps and increase the weight so that you can do reps of approximately 15, 8, and 4 with only a long enough break to change the weights. Reps are NOT done to failure--you are supposed to do all with good form. You can find Art's description and reasoning behind it on his website (arthurdevany.com)

Prior to this workout, I had been doing a lot of dumbbell sets of things like Arnold press, bench press, incline press, and rows. So I'm still in a feeling out process to see what kind of weight I can work with using the full bar. I also want to make sure that I'm practicing good form before moving on to heavier weights. One problem is that I am working out at a gym where bailing out of a failed lift by dropping the bar would probably not be appreciated. This makes it a bit difficult to figure out what my one-rep max is for the different lifts. A lot of workouts prescribed on CF and Gym Jones are expressed as a percentage of the one-rep max. But since my goals aren't quite as lofty as some of the younger studs doing this program, I'll just safely work the weight up.

Saturday, Feb 23, 2008

Power Clean 10@65
Step Up and Over Bench 2 minutes
2 Minute rest
3 rounds
5 min break (includes 2 min above)
Squat 10@95
2 min row on C2
2 min rest
3 rounds

5 min break (includes 2 min above)

10 Pull-ups
10 Dips
10 Situps
1 min rest
3 rounds

This was a good workout. I lifted this from the Gym Jones site. If I recall correctly, the weights were supposed to be percentage of body weight but that was beyond me. I'm not real comfortable doing cleans because I don't have the technique down so I don't go too heavy on that. I'll bump the squat up next time I do this one. The rowing was supposed to be a 500 meter pace. I really haven't established what that is for me so I figured shooting for 500 meters in the two minutes was a good start. In the three rowing reps I did 446, 458, and 516 meters. It was pretty tough (more on the rower later). I can't do a pullup but my gym has a Gravitron 2000 which lets you use a weight stack to assist with pullups and dips. I set it to 100 pounds for this workout. To me one of the real indications of progress is going to be how I handle pullups as the weeks and months go by. But for now I have to live with the fact that my 63 year old wife can knock out three sets of 10 with no sweat, and I can't do ONE!

Monday, Feb 25, 2008

20 Turkish Get Ups (TGU) alternating left and right with 25# dumb bell
10 situps on the Ham Glute Developer (HGD)
Box Jumps 2x30 8" Box
20 minutes on a recumbent bike easy pace (HRM 100bpm)

Overall not a very taxing workout although my shoulders felt the TGUs. I had done TGUs in the past with my 35# kettlebell but never as many. On the HGD I only went back to parallel. I'd eventually like to expand the ROM to a floor touch, but I'm no where near ready for that. The box I used for the jumps is one that was out on the floor to be used by people who are spotting for bench press. Pretty wimpy compared to some of the videos online showing people using 24', 36", and larger boxes. Lots of room to progress there but my heart was definitely pumping after these. The bike part was a waste of time--I didn't care for the recumbent (although I've owned two and enjoyed riding them outdoors). I'm going to stick to the Lemond Revmaster for any future cycling.

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