Friday, January 16, 2009

Racquetball Week

I played three times this week-didn't do much of anything else. I had to work overtime this week which precluded my bicycle commute. But I got in three tough workouts on the courts. Monday I avenged my last week loss to Neal by taking three games. Then Tuesday I actually won a match against Ron! I won the first and third games. I don't remember the scores but I never faced a game point in the two games I won. Ron didn't go to his "A" serve at all in the first game, and used it sparingly in the last, so as usual I have to issue a disclaimer about my "victory." But I did play some good racquetball, and Ron commented on how well I was doing hitting kill shots from the back wall. I played Ron again Thursday. I got killed the first two games but gave it a good go in the last one. No time in the gym but still a pretty good week!

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