Thursday, January 1, 2009

Good Start To The New Year!

We had a beautiful south Texas day so my grandson and I rode our bikes to the Naval Air Station. Instead of our normal routine of heading out to the fishing pier, we instead went to the fitness center for a little workout. I spotted him while he did some dumbbell work, and then I did a little bit of legwork. Normally a bike ride would leave my legs too wasted for a workout, but the rides with Dominic are pretty slow so it just served as a warm up for the following:

Hex-bar Dead Lifts
15 x 140lbs
8 x 190lbs
4 x 210lbs

Leg Curls (Precor Machine)
15 x 90
8 x 100
4 x 120

Leg Extensions (Body Masters Machine)
15 x 100
8 x 115
4 x 130

Finished up with a nice ride in bright sunshine. It's been a great year so far! :-)


Rick Ankrum said...

You did not log your bike ride. This should count toward getting fit.

Dave Clary said...

Hi Rick! I definitely consider my cycling as part of my effort to get fit. I've mentioned my weekly mileage in the past. I think I will start logging my miles--it will be interesting to see what my totals will look like at the end of the year.