Friday, November 28, 2008

The Day After

Well, I made no real attempt to have a "Primal Thanksgiving." I ate lots of stuff that Grok wouldn't recognize. But I started the day at 199 so hopefully any damage done will be temporary. I'm just going to avoid the scale for awhile--no need to subject myself to the shock!! :-)

I had a couple of great racquetball matches this week. Tuesday was great only in that I got in a good workout. Ron whupped up on me like an unwanted step-child; however, we got in a total of four games and it was some great work. Wednesday I repeated the same sequence that I did the last time I played Neal. I lost the first game but came back and won the last two. I'm pretty damn proud of myself for taking that last game. The second game was tough and I was sucking some serious wind at the end. I started the third thinking I really didn't care about the income. But then the competitor in my took over and I played hard. Great workout!

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