Saturday, November 22, 2008

Good Sportsmanship and Good Eats

If you watched any sports news this past week, you probably saw the story of the golfer who reported a mistake he made (using an unapproved golf ball) which caused him to be disqualified from a tournament after it was over. Doing so cost him any chance of getting his full status on the PGA Tour next year. I was part of an incident this weekend that while not having the same financial implications, still was pretty impressive. I was the referee for a swimming meet on Friday, and I disqualified a swimmer for taking off early in a relay race. Later during the day, the team's coach approached me and said that he checked the results that were posted, and that the DQ wasn't noted. He went on to say that although some people associated with his team didn't want him to say anything, he didn't want a deserving team to miss the finals because of a clerical error. I checked with the scoring table and sure enough--the operator had failed to record the DQ. We corrected the error and the deserving team DID make the finals. I'd like to think that any coach would have done the same thing in that situation, but I know that some wouldn't. This coach showed some real integrity and I hope it rubs off on his swimmers.

Now more to topic. As you know if you've been following along, swim meets tend to put me in a situation where I am faced with great temptation to veer from my chosen path to eat healthy. This two-day meet was no exception. But I'm happy to say I did very well. I passed on all the pastries and other goodies. Friday I had three barbecue sandwiches but I scraped off the meat and tossed the buns. I followed that up with an apple and a banana. This morning I had two bacon and egg breakfast tacos without eating the tortilla. The rest of the day I snacked on fruit from a bit fruit salad. So I "done good." Now it's on to Thanksgiving!!!!

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