Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Tough Loss

If the sometimes joked about notion is true that we only have a finite number of heart beats available to us in a lifetime, then I made a big withdrawal on my account yesterday. I played a really tough three-game match with Neal, and we split the first two games. Both games included several extended rallies where I really had to hustle. When we took a break after splitting the first two games, I mentioned to Neal that my heart rate was really up there. So then what happens? We start the third game with a twenty shot rally that saw me racing all over the place (only to lose the point). The third game was back and forth but I ended serving for the match at 14-12. Unfortunately, Neal ended up serving at 14-14 and won. It's a tough way to lose, but it was a really terrific workout. Neal seems to have my number in 2009 after I was fairly dominant at the end of last year.

Ten more miles on the bike since the last post. I had a slight tailwind for this mornings ride in. I've been running the GPS program for every ride, but I may not continue. It's depressing to see my average speed--so slow. I might pick up a cheap computer to see if perhaps the calculations from the GPS are off. Maybe I'm a tad faster than being reported! :-)

Morning weight: 207lbs

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