Monday, March 2, 2009

The Morning Commute

I had a good ride in this morning. It was a brisk 39 degrees but there was no wind to speak of. That's a rarity for Corpus Christi, which probably has a better claim to the moniker "Windy City" than Chicago does. I don't mind riding in cold weather at all but I don't care for fighting cold headwinds (or worse--cold, windy and WET). I'm riding pretty slow right now as my EZ-1 recumbent is not what would be considered a fast bike to start with, and that is exacerbated by the fact that I don't have my "recumbent legs" back after not riding one for awhile. I should get a little faster as time goes by but no biggie if I don't. I just want to enjoy the ride and arrive safely.

Riding in does give me a chance to play with a new toy. My phone is a T-Mobile G1--aka the Google phone. It runs on the Android operationing system written by Google, and intergrates with their services very well. One program that I run is called "My Tracks." It uses the internal GPS capability of the phone to allow you to record your movements. Once you record a track, you can upload it to both Google Maps and Google Docs with on tap. The Google Docs function creates a spread sheet showing all kind of statistics like distance, elapsed time, average speed, average speed while moving, elevation changes, and more. The Maps upload puts the track on the 'My Maps" tab of Google Maps. If you click on the end point of the track, it will display all of the statistics for the ride. You can check out this morning's ride by going here:

My overall average speed is REAL SLOW because I let the track continue to record while I stop at the gym to shower and change. So the "average speed while moving" is more indicative of my ride. I'll probably have a 15mph headwind going home so it will be slower.

Morning Weight: 210lbs

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