Thursday, February 26, 2009

Getting Re-Motivated

I had all but decided to just give up on my blog. I came down with the flu a couple days after my last post, and that floored me for a week. Then I had to quit riding my bicycle because I was having some bad hand pain (irritated ulnar nerve I believe). My will power to avoid the high-carb snacks that my wife insists on buying for the grand kids waned. I couldn't get motivated to go to the gym although I continued to play racquetball at least twice a week. I hopped on a scale and got a bit of a shock. I weighed 199 on Thanksgiving morning but last week I tipped in at 214!

I was losing it.

I have had the experience twice in my life of losing over 50 pounds only to eventually gain it back. I really don't want to make it a third. So one of the steps I'm taking is to get back to keeping this record. Again, it doesn't matter if anyone reads it (although I've continued to get a few hits a day despite not posting)-- I need to do this for ME. So even if I can't come up with anything particularly interesting to read, I will still post my morning weigh in. I'm not going to let some up and downs from the scale bother me, but I'm going to use it for motivation. I don't want to go back to Fat Dave. I have a couple real nice pairs of Nike golf shorts with a 34 waist that I want to get into! Gonna make it happen!

A.M. Weight - 211


Mark Sisson said...

You can do it, Dave! And great job coming to the realization that this blog is for YOU and not other people. Would it be nice if the entire world was listening? Maybe. But just putting it out there, writing it down and getting it off your chest can be extremely therapeutic and helpful. I hope you keep up the great work with both your blog and with your efforts to get and stay fit.

Stay in touch!

Mark Sisson

Dave Clary said...

Appreciate the comment, Mark! I feel like I'm "back in the saddle again."