Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Lab Results Are In!!

I haven't felt the motivation to post lately. I'm doing the S.O.S on a recurring basis--racquetball, pushups, & cycling. My weight has stayed in the 200-205 range for months now. I want to shed some more fat but I'm content with the way things are for now. HOWEVER, I do have some fairly interesting news to share.

Sometime in late 2006, while still a raging carboholic, a doctor prescribed a daily dose of Zocor because of my elevated total cholesterol (230mg/dL). Then about 14 months ago, I started reading Mark's blog and several other sources that convinced me that I wanted to dump the statins. So I just quit taking the damn things. And I also made some serious dietary changes including a daily fat intake normally above 50% of my calories. So when my doctor suggested a lipid panel, I was really curious to see how it was going to turn out. So here are some of the numbers I got today:

Total Cholesterol 158mg/dL
LDL Cholesterol 100.2
HDL Cholesterol 50.00
Triglyceride 39.0

I'm pretty damn pleased with those numbers. Even if I do count myself among the skeptics who question the relationship between cholesterol and heart/vascular disease, it sure is satisfying to see these numbers knowing how much fat I consume.

I think I'll grill me a ribeye tomorrow!!!!!


sarena said...

SWEET, effort is the key!! Consistency and motivation pave the way!

Marc said...

Dave, this is so GREAT!
Does your doc know about your eating habits?

do you read Dr. Eades blog, he'd be happy to hear about it I'm sure.
I made mention on my blog of it.
Way to go man!!!


Del said...

Way to go, Dave! You are an inspiration.